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Agnes Chavez

agnes chavez STEMArts is an educational project founded by artist/educator Agnes Chavez. The STEMArts project started in 2010 with a pilot program at Taos Academy in Taos New Mexico, funded by LANL Small Grants. New media artists were brought in to teach STEMArts workshops that were then aligned with the national STEM standards. The STEMArts program continues successfully at Taos Academy, unde rthe name of STEM Institute.

In the fall, Chavez was offered a unique opportunity to implement the STEMArts approach. She was contracted to design the education program for ISEA2012.

Chavez also founded Sube, Inc. in 1996. Sube Learning Language thru Art, Music & Games, is a curriculum and resource kit for teaching Spanish or English as a second language to Preschool through 5th grade students.



For more on Sube, Inc and the STEMArts project contact:

Agnes Chavez

PO Box 298

El Prado, NM 87529