About BioSTEAM

The BioSTEAM mission is to inspire youth to connect to and design with nature, and imagine a better world. We do this through our BioSTEAM projects and curriculum tool. The BioSTEAM Curriculum Tool is a resource and guide for teachers to develop their own lesson plans to integrate BioSTEAM projects into their curriculum designed for middle and high school students.

The BioSTEAM Curriculum Tool provides an informal and stimulating way for students to develop an understanding of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, math and the arts), specifically as it applies to "bio"- the study of life, exploring and highlighting interdisciplinary research intersecting with biology such as; quantum biology, bioastrophysics, bionanotechnology, bioacoustics, biophysics and AI (artificial intelligence). Exciting discoveries in these fields are often buried among the headlines, as are diverse ways of understanding nature through the lens of traditional ecological science (native science), arts, humanities and philosophy. One of the areas we focus on is the relationship between nature and technology, asking students to investigate the ethics behind these exciting new technologies and their impact on nature and the world around them.

The cross-cutting BioSTEAM projects connect across disciplinary boundaries, facilitate interdisciplinary thinking and encourage collaborative learning. We collaborate with individual practitioners, non-profit organizations and businesses that want to share innovative sustainable models across sectors to inform and inspire youth. The BioSTEAM Curriculum Tool is unique in that it highlights western, indigenous and hispano worldviews that reflect diverse ways of knowing and living in balance with nature. How can this arts-based transdisciplinary exploration build empathy and contribute to new micro-models that address humanitarian and ecological challenges?

BioSTEAM is powered by the *STEMarts Lab, a non-profit organization in New Mexico in the process of applying for 501c3 status. STEMarts Lab applies the latest science research and technological innovations to arts and education through interdisciplinary collaborations.