BioSTEAM Youth Corps

Photo credit: Artist, Ana MacArthur with her students at Taos Integrated School of the Arts (TISA)

The BioSTEAM Youth Corps is for youth leaders (14 -24 yr) that want to be part of service projects relating to the BioSTEAM mission. Imagine and design your future through artist-led interdisciplinary and intercultural experiences!

Opportunities include;

    • Participate in scientific research and experiments
    • Assist with making and maintaining on-site art installations
    • Contribute to beta testing of bio-art
    • Assist with bio-tech programming
    • Design with nature for sustainable solutions
    • Become a BioSTEAM guide or youth instructor
    • Collaborate with our ecological partners to work with the land

The BioSTEAM Youth Corps begins June 15, 2020. If you think you may be interested and want to know more, contact us by email: