Agnes Chavez

Agnes Chavez is a new media artist and educator whose work integrates art, science and technology as tools for social and environmental change. Her work integrates data visualization, light, sound and space to create sensorial experiences that seek balance between nature, technology and society. She is the founder of STEMarts Lab, which delivers sci-art installations and STEAM programming for schools, art/science labs and festivals and is the Project Director of the Space Messengers project.

Markus Dorninger/OMAI

Markus Dorninger is co-founder of OMAI, a digital art collective and creative software company based in Vienna, Austria. Along with Matthias Fritz and Josef Dorninger, they are the creators of the Tagtool app that is used in this workshop. They stand for a new, spontaneous and collaborative approach to digital creation. By combining artistic sensibilities with cutting edge technology, they bring a fresh wave of visual communication to streets, stages and homes. Markus and his team  are leading the Tagtool workshop and the design of the live projection mapping for the installation.

Roy MadDonald

Roy MacDonald is a Chilean artist and creative coder who works with technology in the Arts field, striving to make an intelligent and engaging use of it. Code and computers are his primary tools. His artistic and creative curiosity alongside with his inborn aptitudes for math and sciences, allows him to act as leader and/or bridge in multidisciplinary teams and endeavors. He is designing the interactive data sharing platform that receives and displays student and live audience messages.

David Novack

After undergraduate degrees in both engineering (Univ. of Pennsylvania) and music (Berklee College of Music), David Novack has enjoyed a successful award-winning career as a sound designer/mixing engineer for dozens of feature films. In live theater, he has designed sound for an internationally-toured opera by Roger Waters (Ça Ira), and sound/projections for Toronto’s Meridian Arts Centre’s (Death of a Salesman in Yiddish). Mr. Novack is now a professor of sound and cinema at Lusófona University for Humanities and Technology in Lisbon, Portugal, where he is also a researcher in sound studies. In addition, Mr. Novack is a filmmaker himself, with award-winning documentary films including Finding Babel (Special Jury Prize, Moscow Jewish Film Festival), and Burning The Future: Coal in America, (IDA Pare Lorentz Award). David is creating the soundscape for Space Messengers.

Enrico Trujillo

Enrico Trujillo is a multimedia maker, designer, artist. He mixes the skills of photography, videography, motion graphics, programming, 3D printing, and design. He collaborates with artists, research scientists, the NM film industry and students. Enrico will lead the technology training for the UNM interns and oversee the tech set up for the Taos projection event and livestream from Lisbon. Enrico will be leading the projection technology install of Space Messengers for the Taos and Santa Fe events along with UNM students.

Interdisciplinary speakers

Dr. Nicole Lloyd-Ronning

Nicole is an astrophysicist at Los Alamos National Lab, where she studies the black holes created in the deaths of massive stars, and leads the outreach efforts on behalf of the Center for Theoretical Astrophysics. She is also on the faculty of the University of New Mexico, Los Alamos where she teaches physics.

Dr. Steven Goldfarb

Steven is an experimental particle physicist working for the University of Melbourne on the ATLAS Experiment at CERN. He chairs the International Particle Physics Outreach Group, coordinates University of Michigan research programs at CERN, and is a fellow of the American Physical Society, serving on the Committee for Informing the Public. Steve serves as science advisor and instructor.

Frank Tavares

Frank Tavares is a science communicator at NASA's Ames Research Center, where he writes on topics ranging from astrobiology to quantum computing. He's interested in how we can build an anti-colonial framework for space exploration, and the role of planetary protection in that effort. He writes fiction, often in interactive and digital forms. He was born in San Diego and has a B. A. in English and Astronomy from Amherst College.

Catarina Pombo Nabais

Catarina Pombo Nabais is a Scientific Researcher at the Dept. of History and Philosophy of Science, Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon, Science and Art Curator for the Festival de Ciencia e Arte in Oeiras, Portugal. Catarina will design the philosophy of science curriculum module and will be guest instructor for student workshops.

Steve Tamayo

Steve Tamayo draws upon his family history as a member of the Sicangu Lakota tribe. His fine arts education (BFA from Singe Gleska University), along with his cultural upbringing, have shaped him as an artist, historian, storyteller and dancer. Steve provides activities during his residencies that include art and regalia making, drumming, powwow dance demonstrations and lectures on the history, symbolism, and meaning behind the Native customs and traditions.