Design Tool

The BioSTEAM Design Tool provides the step-by-step process to participate in the Space Messengers Mixed Reality installation that will be traveling around the world. Through the Design Tool you will;

      • CONNECT. Become a STEAM Ambassador. Collaborate, learn and create with students around the world.
      • EXPLORE. Meet the artists and explore the art of live performance projection, data visualization and video mapping.
      • RESEARCH. Research the science behind the art with science and cultural experts in the field sharing their knowledge.
      • CREATE. Co-write space messages and collect/animate images that will become part of the art.
      • RADIATE. Radiate out to the world your thoughts and wishes for a sustainable interplanetary future as part of a traveling festival show.

Explore the art. Meet the artists

Explore the Artist Page to meet the artists, Agnes Chavez and Markus Dorninger, and the creative team who have collaborated to make possible the Space Messengers sci-art installation.

      • Watch the videos of their past installations to get a glimpse of the kind of art we will be creating together.
      • Learn about the features of the Space Messengers installation; Tagtool live projection, Interactive real-time messaging, interactive soundscape and mixed reality event.
      • Explore the BioSTEAM wiki below to find out more about the technology that is used in these new art forms.
      • Want to try out some of these free art making tools on your own? Search TECH TOOLS in the BioSTEAM wiki to find tutorials and free downloads.