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Kinetic Sculpture

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Project Description:

Taos Academy was awarded $1500 to pilot a new project called STEMArts: New Media Explorations of Space, Matter and Movement with the goal of exploring multisensory learning modalities (visual, kinesthetic, auditory, interpersonal, etc.) to communicate core STEM concepts. This integration brought together Dienke Nauta, installation artist and Steve Storz, Creative technologist to teach two complementary workshops.

STEM Standards:

This workshop was aligned to the STEM standards.

Standard aligned lessons from the workshop.

Kinetic Art Student Quiz

School Evaluation:

STEM Report by Karin Molton, Coordinator at Taos Academy:

Dutch Installation Engineer, Dienke Nauta, and Creative Technologist, Steve Storz offered courses beginning January 2010. Both educators guided students through the process of creating objects and spaces that teach concepts about space, matter and movement. Students presented their creations to their community and explained the thought process that led to their discoveries. As a result of their success, film production and animation classes were added to the STEMArts program in February 2010. Students utilize Taos Academy’s state-of-the-art science, media, and technology lab and instructors for production of students’ digital portfolios and final presentations.  The STEMArts program fits perfectly into the philosophy and mission of Taos Academy. Our vision is to be a model 21 st-century learning community developing strong leaders who have the academic and social skills necessary to succeed in the modern world. Students who participated in the STEMArts program have shown an increase in leadership skills as well as a greater understanding of STEM concepts. According to Dmitri Calvert, an engineering teacher at Taos Academy, “The students who participated in the STEM Arts classes show a noticeable difference in their ability to understand engineering concepts.” We  created and distributed a  workshop quiz to students to measure what they learned (see attachment)



This STEMArts workshop was made possible through a LANL Foundation Small Grant to Taos Center for the Arts and Taos Academy.