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About the STEMArts project

  • The mission of STEMArts is to explore an integral approach to teaching/learning that encourages a collaborative exchange between the arts (visual, literary, humanities, performing, etc.) and the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).
  • Its goal is to ask questions and explore possibilities for STEM + Art integration in our schools and our communities.
  • STEMArts encourages interdisciplinary multi-age collaborations that integrate art, science and technology while proposing creative solutions to real world problems.
  • STEMArts experiments with innovative ways to engage high school students in meaningful collaborations that help them find their passion.
  • The STEMArts project experiments and studies innovative STEM + Art solutions with the goal of developing guidelines and best practices for improving K-12 STEM and Art education.
  • We align all our collaborations with the National STEM standards and the 21st Century standards to facilitate implementation in schools.

STEMArts News

Our latest collaboration: STEMArts joins forces with ISEA2012

We will bring our unique STEM + Arts concept to the ISEA2012 Education program sponsored by Intel

We are honored to be invited to coordinate exciting art and technology programs and develop STEMArts educational materials for the ISEA2012 conference September 19-24, 2012. The web based materials will be available for free under the Creative Commons license. Stay tuned as we post our latest developments!

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