Bio-sensors and Bio-feedback projects

The links on this page lead you to a number of projects, art fairs and science articles giving you more information and inspiration from projects that use Bio-sensors and bio-feedback technology

1. Tangible Feelings: -  A symposium on EEG (and biofeedback) for the Arts , held at iMal (Center for Digital Cultures and Technology, Brussels). The symposium looked at how brainwaves are being used in art using EEG and bio-feedback to measure and explore our emotions. You can follow the links to other artists and their projects working with this technology.

2. Hans H. Deibner - Bio Feedback methods in Art and Science the article explores bio-feedback methods being explored in Art and Science, with links and definitions of key terms.

3. MediaArtTube Exhibition 1.0: Biofeedback Art presented a range of art works that and experiements in the area of biofeedback art.

4. InterFACES -The human face of assistive technology. Dr Mick Donegan's work with eye gaze technology. You can also read a number of articles and news items about this project here.

Keywords: Bio-feedback Bio-sensors Interactive Art Physical Computing

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