BioArt - Blue Door Studio Art actvity - E.Coli

Blue Door Studio developed a simple art activity inspired by artists, specifically Hunter Cole working with Bioluminescence and E.Coli organisms. This activity does not use E.Coli but uses the artists work and the ideas behind her work to explore the organisms and you can see the results here at the Bioluminescent Art Museum.

Amy Chase Gulden and scientist Dr. Kristen Baldwin genetically modified E. coli bacteria to produce a deep blue pigment. This 2 page blog entry describes the technique used in the collaboration and was created by organisers at the World Science Festival to accompany our event and exhibited pieces at the Museum of Art and Design, June 2010.

Etsy's science shop - shows how designers (jewellery) are being inspired and influenced by bacteria and other organisms normally only revealed under microscopes.

Keywords: Bacteria BioArt Life Processes Organism

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