MINDtouch - Camille Baker

Camille Baker is a media artist-performer/researcher/curator within various art forms. Her MINDtouch project explored the metaphor of sharing your dreams, the physical and visual qualities with others. Through the use of mobile phones, biofeedback sensors e.g. sensing breath, pulse, temperature) and bespoke software the images are shared, streamed and remixed.

You can read a paper Camille wrote about her project called Embodied ephemeral transference in Mobile Media Performance.

MINDtouch video - A live dancer wears the MINDtouch biofeedback sensor garment performing a live ‘mix’ of previously created video clips through the body's responses.The mixes are then sent through the network with the video collages are live streams created by sending the biofeedback signals from the dancer to the laptop mixing software. Those mixes are streamed out to the Low Lives 3 audience in real-time, showing the dancer ‘performing’ the video mixing.

Keywords: Bio-feedback Bio-sensors Mobile Media Performance Physical Computing

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