Simon Park - Microbial Art

Microbiologist Dr. Simon Park presents four unique series of images created with fluorescent bacteria and slime molds.

Microcosmos - Close-up images of bacterial colonies were used in an installation called Microcosmos,  a collaboration between Simon Parks, the composer Mitlon Mermikides, BBC cameraman Steve Downer, and culturist Pattie Hendrie.

The soundscape for the installation was derived directly from the colour and shape of the colonies, and the DNA sequences of each individual bacteria species (Simon Park, 2012).

You can also find our more information about Ghost on this site or watch Ghost - A short video on the new microbial art project by Dr. Simon Park made by bacteria communicating with each other, and in doing so, revealing something else.

If you are interested in the idea of Bacterial the Open University have 3 videos that discuss  Discovering Bacterial Communication, Parts 1 - 3.

Keywords: Bacterial Communication BioArt Bioluminescence Microbes Organism

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