Diné Weaving, Eye Dazzlers and more

Eye Dazzlers are elaborately patterned "blankets" were used primarily as a body wrap rather than as a bed cover and were popular items of clothing worn by the Diné people of the Southwestern United States (Art Conencted, 2012). 

Diné weavers drew inspiration from the large and dramatic serapes woven and can also be considered as a metaphor for re-weaving the world. Navajo weaving is undertaken by both men and women, Wesley Thomas a Navajo weaver talks about this over looked aspect of Navajo weaving.

Here are a few links to Navajo /  Diné Weaving videos

1. Toadlina, NM Weavers.  Originally, their primary goal for weaving was to make something that would keep them warm. In time, however, people began to appreciate the blankets for their beauty. Suli Yi of VOA's Mandarin Service traveled to Navajo country to learn about the Navajo weavers and their art. It is narrated by Ruth Reader.

2. Heard Museum, Phoenix Arizona - Navajo Weaving exhibtion hand held recording by a visitor. Watch Part 1 & 2

3. Sadie Curtis - Navajo Weaver

4. How to set up warps on a Navajo Loom - off course you'll need to build your loom first!

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