Culturally Situated Design Tool (CSDT) - Navajo Rug Weaver

Navajo Rug Weaver - introduces the history, patterns and the tools of weaving is a highly important aspect of Navajo history and culture. The website also discusses math principles by looking at the intricate designs that Navajo weavers use in their rugs and blankets. Finally, using our Navajo Rug Weaver software, you can create your own Navajo-inspired rug designs.

Acknowledgements for this CSDT:

This is one of the Culturally Situated Design Tool (CSDT) resources produced in conjunction with RPI as a way to teach computers and maths through culture.

Black Mesa Weavers -- photos
Levy Honney -- photos
Anthony Lizardi -- math ed content, community connections, all around inspiration.
Delray Redhair -- cultural content
Nanabah Aragon -- cultural content
Beverly Allen -- cultural content
Lawrence Eng -- graphics and layout for this website
Cortland Winters -- software

Keywords: Craft techniques Geometry Mathematics Traditional technology

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