Eyedazzler - Joy Farley and Pamela Brown, Master Weavers

Two master weavers from Newcomb, are part of the Navajo Master weavers (their work can be found at Toadlena trading Post) where two of the four other lead artists that worked on the Eyedazzler project their collaborations and knowledge made the project possible.

Joy Farley, from Newcomb, NM, lead weaver and loom builder,

she also works at the IAIA as a Museum registrar - you can read her guest curatorial essay here on Debra Yepa-Pappan's Dual(ing) Identities IAIA show.

Pamela Brown, from Newcomb, NM, lead weaver

This link talking about Grandmother Weavers at Toadlena mentions Pamela and discussed the history of the trading post and the importance of weaving. Pamela Brown with Mark Winters has also published a book - The master weavers : celebrating one hundred years of Navajo textile artists from the Toadlena/Two Grey Hills weaving region. You can see an image of one of Pamela Brown's rugs here.

Keywords: Patterns Traditional Technology Weaving

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