Hannah Perner-Wilson

Hannah Perner-Wilson  'explores the electrical properties of materials and traditional and contemporary craft techniques, developing new techniques for building electronics that emphasize materiality and process. I believe that this will allow us to build electronics that are more diverse, understandable and expressive than electronics currently are. Through creating examples, giving workshops and publishing online documentation I hope to disseminate this approach and demonstrate how we can engage with electronics in new ways' (HPW - 2012).

Hannah is an active contributor to Instructables and co founded the collective Kobakant with Mika Satomi, publishing an online How To Get What You Want in 2009.

She was also part of the High-Low Tech group at MIT Media Lab lead by Leah Buechley and created A Kit-of-No-Parts an approach to crafting electronics. You can also download her thesis here also.

Keywords: Craft Techniques Electronic Textiles High-Low Tech SMART textiles

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