Hozhographos Studio - Joshua Sarantitis and William Wilson

Joshua Sarantitis is a nationally recognized public artist with murals in cities including San Francisco, Chicago, Cleveland, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. He was one of the four other Lead Artists / collaborators on Eyedazzler.

Hozhographos Studio - is directed by Joshua Sarantitis and William Wilson and if you visit their site you will see some of the other projects they have worked on.

Joshua and William used an open source software called TilePile in their mosaic work and the making of Eyedazzler. You can find out more about the process they use to build ceramic glass murals here. 

Here's a few links to make your own mosaics -

1. Kim Grant - a beginners guide to Mosaics

2. Wiki How - How to make Mosaics from broken tiles

3. Design and Make Mosaics - online layout programme

4. Faith Schexnayder of www.flatforkstudio.com - Youtube videos mosaic techniques

Why not combine this technique with the QR code writers in the QR explanation link to make your own QR mosaic and link it to a text, SMS, blog or website?

Keywords: High-Low Tech Mosaic Traditional Technology

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