QR codes for Digital Nomads - Golan Levin & Collaborators

Read about QR Codes for Digital Nomads: QR_STENCILER and QR_HOBO_CODES here. Described as homebrew "infoviz graffiti" tools, intended for civic markup and in-situ information display. Inspired by 19th Century "hobo symbols", these stencils can be understood as a covert markup scheme for urban spaces — providing directions, information, and warnings to digital nomads and other indigenterati. (Flong, 2012)

Golan Levin and collaborators have created a QR_STENCILER, a Java-based software utility which loads a user-specified QR code image — from which it then generates a lasercutter-ready, topologically correct stencil or PDF.

You can download the complete stencils set or more cretively create your own codes and then use QR stenciler to create the stencils of them. You can use your stencils to sign post people to other art works or information or stories about where you live.

Keywords: Bar codes Contemporary Art Graffiti Technology QR Codes

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