Data Mining and Real time Data Visualisation - Kasia Molga

Kasia Molga is a visual artist and interaction designer whose practice is concerned with our relationship with the planet – Buckminster-Fuller’s concept of a “Spaceship Earth”; and changes in our perception: of ourselves and our roles in the context of nature, climate, environment and community in this increasingly technologically mediated world.

Oil Compass: Oil Compass is an interactive data visualization tool developed by Kasia Molga (UK). The work by Kasia Molga, and co-produced by V2_Lab was developed during the Summer Sessions 2011

Kasia Molga Collaborations

Protei: Protei is an international collaborative project born at the intersection of art, interaction
design and science. Initiated by Cesar Harada in the Gulf of Mexico during the BP oil spill, Protei is developed primarily to intercept Oil Spills sheens drifitng down the wind with a long oil absorbant “tail” sailing up the wind

Entropy: is a participatory interactive space and object-based installation, where what is normally perceived as “digital” and “virtual” entity is transferred to the “real” and “analogue” so that viewers can play with real time data visualisation at the same time influencing that data.

“ENTROPY” corresponds to the concept of production, emission and consumption of heat (and thus energy) in “ordered” and “un-ordered” manner (corresponding to the definition of the entropy phenomena).

Keywords: Data Mining Environmental Art Interactive Art Real Time Data Technology

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