Data Mining: Artists Constructs - Leviton A + D Gallery

Data MiningArtists Constructs, provides a small, sample window into a newly emerging and rapidly evolving process of data mining, the process of extracting hidden patterns from data. The way, shape, and manner in which artists and designers our appropriating this process creates radically new forms that communicate across disciplinary, social and cultural boundaries. The artists’ visualization/ realization can be any form from 2-D to 3D to aural and/or time based media constructs. Participating artists include Stephen Cartwright, Sean Dack, R. Luke DuBois, Lynn Hershman, Andreas Kratky and Juri Hwang, Golan Levin, Lev Manovich, Mark Napier, and Paul Slocum (A+D Gallery, 2012).

You can also view or download the catalogue by clicking the link on the site and why not follow up on some of the artists who took part in the show.

The exhibition was also written about in KD Nugget's the Data mining community's blog.

Keywords: Data Mining Data Visualisation Programming Technology

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