Data Visualisation - links to examples

Web Designer Depot shares 50 Data visualisation examples - shares a list of the the diverse ways data is being represented .

Smashing Magazine also published an article in 2007 by Vitaly Friedman called Data Visualisation Modern Approaches - read the article here.

We hope these examples inspire you to think how you might represent data. What sort of data would you represent and Where might you find it?

If you are inspired by Lynne and Neal's Junkspace, and want to work with Data Sets and visualise them these are the sort of questions you need to think about.

Quora organises people and interests with the aim of connecting you to what you need to know. Their link provides you with a list of links for open data sets that might be useful to you for a data visualisation project.

Keywords: Data Mining Data sets Data Visualisation Technology

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