E-waste - Trashion, Wearables, E-Fashion and Textiles

Fashion designers, Fibre Artists and Technologists are creating work that engages with similar ideas e.g. e-waste, waste / pollution that have also influenced the work Junkspace.

Ecouterre's article Will Wearable Technology Intensify our E-waste Problem by , 10/04/11 discusses the issues around Wearable Technology.

Visit Marina DeBris's - Washed Up and Trashion You can also see images of Marina's Trashion if you go to Washed Up website and visit the Trashion section, to see her response to sea pollution.

Bikini Made of E-waste Makes Bold Statement About Women in Technology by Jaymi Heimbauch of Treehugger, discusses the relationship between women, fashion and professional technology roles.

Keywords: E-waste Human Activity Impact Upcycling Wearables

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