Upcycling computers - Modding and E-waste

Computer Modding or Case Moddings are modifications carried out by hardware enthusiasts to show the internal hardware, make it aesthetically pleasing or if modified internally also to push the technical capacities to make it more powerful e.g. for gaming. Case Mods are working computers combining humour, sculptural skill and technical know how.

Case / Computer modding can be quite difficult and you may need support but why not start exploring with old machines that are going to be disposed off. Google sketchup is free for anyone, and allows you to build, view and edit 3D models, useful  if you want to plan your mod first.

1. Modders Inc is a good place to start giving support on Modding basics, How tos, tools and software and Gallery of featured mods some using paint and design some more seriously hacked.

2. Have a look through the Best Case gallery to see a an amazing range of designs and a useful wiki.

3. CaseModGod - gives some guides to the technical aspects of modding, with a gallery, articles and Interviews with some very creative modders

4. One area of PC modding and scratchbuilding has developed a particular aesthetic and and is known as Steampunk a sort of antitech look straight from the age of steam. Have a look at some of the designs including A Post-Apocalyptic Steampunk Future, and Steampunk Frankenstein from concept to completion.

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