Upcycling E-waste

Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.

Many companies are unable to deal with their e-waste effectively and therefore you can contact companies to see what they are doing with their old computers.

Below are a few links to see work being done with e-waste and to inspire you if you want to work with the ideas behind Junkspace.

1. Yuma Fujimaki - Jewellery Designer.

2. Benjamin Gaulon - Benjamin Gaulon's work focuses on planned obsolescence, consumerism and disposable society. He has previously released work under the name "recyclism".

3. Adorable Sculptures made from E-Waste by Treehugger's Jaymi Heimbuch

4. All Green blog - The Official All Green Electronics Recycling Blog designed to give updates about recycling and the environment with a focus on electronics.

New Mexico had its own surplus store used by artists and hobbyists - The Black Hole, Los Alamos - (505) 662-5053. Give them a call or send your details and enquiry to them on via their website contact link.


Keywords: E-waste Electronics Upcycling

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