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  • A Programmers Guide to Data Mining
    Ron Zacharski generously shares his learning by doing guide to Data Mining encouraging the reader to work through the exercises and experiment with the Python provided by him.
  • Code Zebra - Sara Diamond lead Artist / Researcher
    CodeZebra (CZOS) is a chat visualisation and dialogue tool that enables serious conversations, performance and game play between individuals and groups on the internet. Code Zebra is a collaborative project led by Sara Diamond. CodeZebra draws upon debates about the relationship between art and science, and the behaviors and characteristics of inhabitants of those disciplines, to create a series of provocations.
  • Data Landscapes - The Arts Catalyst
    Data Landscapes explores the use of data and models of climate science within visual arts contexts. The  Data Landscapes exhibition features works by Tom Corby, Gavin Baily + Jonathan Mackenzie; Lise Autogena + Joshua Portway.
  • Data Mining - an introduction
    Data mining '(the analysis step of the "Knowledge Discovery in Databases" process, or KDD),[1] is a field at the intersection of computer science and statistics is the process that attempts to discover patterns in large data sets' (wiki, 2012).
  • Data Mining and Real time Data Visualisation - Kasia Molga
    Kasia Molga is a visual artist and interaction designer whose practice is concerned with our relationship with the planet – Buckminster-Fuller’s concept of a “Spaceship Earth”; and changes in our perception: of ourselves and our roles in the context of nature, climate, environment and community in this increasingly technologically mediated world.
  • Data Mining: Artists Constructs - Leviton A + D Gallery
    Data Mining: Artists Constructs, provides a small, sample window into a newly emerging and rapidly evolving process of data mining, the process of extracting hidden patterns from data. The way, shape, and manner in which artists and designers our appropriating this process creates radically new forms that communicate across disciplinary, social and cultural boundaries. The artists’ visualization/ realization can be any form from 2-D to 3D to aural and/or time based media constructs. Participating artists include Stephen Cartwright, Sean Dack, R. Luke DuBois, Lynn Hershman, Andreas Kratky and Juri Hwang, Golan Levin, Lev Manovich, Mark Napier, and Paul Slocum (A+D Gallery, 2012).
  • Data Visualisation - links to examples
    Web Designer Depot shares 50 Data visualisation examples - shares a list of the the diverse ways data is being represented .
  • Flowing Data - Nathan Yau
    FlowingData written by Nathan Yau explores how designers, statisticians, and computer scientists are using data to understand ourselves better — mainly through data visualization (Yau, 2012).
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