What is Chaos Theory?

Chaos theory studies the behaviour of dynamic systems and although essentially within the field of mathematics it can be applied to many disciplines such as philosophy, engineering, economics, physics, biology and inspires many artists.

All of these links provide details to help you understand Chaos Theory using a number of ways, video, text and .

Don't worry if some of the ideas seem difficult - you can ask for help from teachers, friends, family or those that have created the resources to help explain them as part of your research process.


2. In my humble opinion (IMHO) - What exactly is chaos theory?

3.Ogniank's Chaos Theory video

4. The butterfly effect is associated with the unpredictable world of chaos... Two physicists from 60 symbols Laurence Eaves and Mark Fromhold have a chat about it over a game of snooker.

5. Chaos Theory - Wikipedia

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