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  • Basic Linear Perspective - Drawing Tutorial by Randy Sarafan
    This is a really good tutorial from the technology editor at Instructables.
  • Bathsheba Grossman - 3D printed sculpture
    Bathsheba Grossman is an artist in Santa Cruz, California who creates sculptures using computer-aided design and three-dimensional modeling, with metal printing technology to produce sculpture in bronze and stainless steel. She describes her work as a mix of art, mathematics, science,  technology and programming.
  • Build your own Geodesic Dome
    A geodesic dome is a spherical or partial-spherical shell structure or lattice shell based on a network of great circles (geodesics) on the surface of a sphere. The triangular elements give rigidity and distribute stress making them strong and resilient as well as beautiful to look at.
  • Drawing Tutorials
    These links are to  some useful drawing Tutorials to help you develop your skills for working out your ideas. Whether to explain them to a collaborator or work out your design / prototype, as 'a picture is worth a thousand words' (San Antonio pictorial magazine, 1918).
  • Geometric Design in Islamic Art
    This is a really helpful pdf from the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Islamic Art and Geometric design. It gives an introduction to the history, some reference images from their collection and pattern making activities. The link will download the pdf to your computer so check your download folder.
  • History of Perspective
    Mathematical, linear or Renaissance perspective, was first demonstrated by Filippo Brunelleschi around 1413-1420. Using visual experiments e.g. tracing reflections on mirrors, he developed his theories and understanding of perspective drawing.
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