Rapid Protoyping

Rapid Prototyping (RP) can be defined as a group of techniques used to quickly fabricate a scale model of a part or assembly using three-dimensional computer aided design (CAD) data.

What is commonly considered to be the first RP technique, Stereolithography, was developed by 3D Systems of Valencia, CA, USA. The company was founded in 1986, and since then, a number of different RP techniques have become available (Efunda.com, 2012).

1. Makerbot blog - visit the Makerbot blog on rapid prototyping to see how others are working with this technology.

2. Affordable Rapid Prototyping - Two brothers based in Dublin are interviewed about their Rapid Prototyping machine the Matrix 300 which used office paper.


Keywords: 3D Printing Peer2Peer Production Rapid Prototyping

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