Build your own Sonic Fabric reader

This short video is a step-by-step guide you through building your own Sonic Fabric Reader from an old walkman. The video is accompanied by a downloadable instructive graphic by Anat / DayDream Graphics The guide is simple and easy to follow but the hardest part maybe finding an old walkman and getting some sonic fabric! There's also a short film about the making of the Sonic Fabric called The Sonic Fabric factory.

If you visit - you can listen and download the colleges on the 'Between Stations' album.

BETWEEN STATIONS is the album of sound collages that are currently being recorded onto spools of tape for the latest edition of SONIC FABRIC. BETWEEN STATIONS conisists of 14 tracks inspired by life in New York City, and is composed of sounds collected on and under the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn interwoven with other created and found sounds and music (Alyce Santoro, 2012)

Keywords: Audio Art Electronic Music Musique Concrete Sonic Art

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