Pretty Smart Textiles, 2011

Pretty Smart Textiles, 2011 is a travelling exhibition showcasing the latest developments in the world of electronic textiles, a new medium at the intersections of fashion, art and technology. The exhibition is an interactive experience leading the viewer through a multi-sensory discovery of new possibilities for garments and interior architecture.

The exhibition explored themes that arise from reflections on technology with a diverse range of artists and designers taking part (PST, 2012). You can see images from the 2010 and 2011 exhibition and see the list of artists involved which you can use to research more work that sits at the intersections of fashion, art and technology.

One of a series of events organised by the Knowledge Centre for Smart Textiles, another of which was Future Textiles, you can download a pdf of the catalogue or read it on line.

Keywords: Electronic Textiles Future Textiles SMART textiles

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