Audio Art

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  • Build your own Sonic Fabric reader
    This short video is a step-by-step guide you through building your own Sonic Fabric Reader from an old walkman. The video is accompanied by a downloadable instructive graphic by Anat / DayDream Graphics The guide is simple and easy to follow but the hardest part maybe finding an old walkman and getting some sonic fabric! There's also a short film about the making of the Sonic Fabric called The Sonic Fabric factory.
  • Fabric Speakers
    Fabric Speakers by Hannah Perner-Wilson (plusea) was Inspired by Marcelo Coehlo’s paper speaker and Vincent Leclerc’s Accouphene textile speaker, these paper and fabric speakers are made by running 5-9V sound amplified signal through a very conductive coil in close proximity to a magnet (Kobakant, 2012).
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