Musique Concrete

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    This short video is a step-by-step guide you through building your own Sonic Fabric Reader from an old walkman. The video is accompanied by a downloadable instructive graphic by Anat / DayDream Graphics The guide is simple and easy to follow but the hardest part maybe finding an old walkman and getting some sonic fabric! There's also a short film about the making of the Sonic Fabric called The Sonic Fabric factory.
  • Musique Concrete
    Musique Concrete is the experimental technique of musical composition using recorded sounds as raw material. The principle uses the assemblage of various natural sounds to produce an aural montage. A precursor to the use of electronically generated sound, musique concrete was among the earliest uses of electronic means to extend the composer's sound resources. Before the days of sampling and computer manipulation of sounds, musicians used analogue tape recorders to record natural sounds and tape splicing techniques. Music concrete uses natural sounds to create aural compositions. This excerpt is taken from the BBC 1979 documentary "The New Sound of Music".
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