Craft Techniques

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  • Diné Weaving, Eye Dazzlers and more
    Eye Dazzlers are elaborately patterned "blankets" were used primarily as a body wrap rather than as a bed cover and were popular items of clothing worn by the Diné people of the Southwestern United States (Art Conencted, 2012). 
  • Alinah Azadeh - The Loom Project
    The Loom Project 2005 - A live art installation highlighting the human relationship to personal loss, through the metaphor of textile. 300 contributors from across the world contributed written 'emotional data - dates, places, people, thoughts - to the pattern of a 20 metre textile woven over 3 days.
  • Bead weaving
    Bead- Weaving is a craft technique that can be simple using a needle and threas or complex using a loom. It can be used to make jewellery or embellish other fabrics / textiles by the beads into the woven fabric.
  • Culturally Situated Design Tool (CSDT) - Navajo Rug Weaver
    Navajo Rug Weaver - introduces the history, patterns and the tools of weaving is a highly important aspect of Navajo history and culture. The website also discusses math principles by looking at the intricate designs that Navajo weavers use in their rugs and blankets. Finally, using our Navajo Rug Weaver software, you can create your own Navajo-inspired rug designs.
  • Dylan McLaughlin - The Invisible Laboratory
    Eyedazzler was produced by four other Lead Artists / collaborators, each playing a really important role without which the project would not have been realised.
  • Hannah Perner-Wilson
    Hannah Perner-Wilson  'explores the electrical properties of materials and traditional and contemporary craft techniques, developing new techniques for building electronics that emphasize materiality and process. I believe that this will allow us to build electronics that are more diverse, understandable and expressive than electronics currently are. Through creating examples, giving workshops and publishing online documentation I hope to disseminate this approach and demonstrate how we can engage with electronics in new ways' (HPW - 2012).
  • Instructables: Make a simple Frame Loom
    This Instructables link by ChrysN gives a step-by-step guide to building a Frame loom.
  • Leah Beuchley, MIT High-Low Tech group
    Led by Leah Beuchley, the High-Low Tech, a research group at the MIT Media Lab, integrates high and low technological materials, processes, and cultures.
  • The E-Textile Lounge - Lynne Bruning
    The eTextile Lounge - a global hackerspace supporting soft circuits, smart fabrics, eTextiles and wearable computing.
  • TilePile - Open Source software for tile murals
    Tilepile is an application used to aid in creating tile murals. It can be used to import images and convert them into tile murals, edit the murals, and distribute the tile setting process to a set of networked workstations (Tilepile project site 2012).
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