Electronic textiles

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  • Alinah Azadeh - The Loom Project
    The Loom Project 2005 - A live art installation highlighting the human relationship to personal loss, through the metaphor of textile. 300 contributors from across the world contributed written 'emotional data - dates, places, people, thoughts - to the pattern of a 20 metre textile woven over 3 days.
  • Hannah Perner-Wilson
    Hannah Perner-Wilson  'explores the electrical properties of materials and traditional and contemporary craft techniques, developing new techniques for building electronics that emphasize materiality and process. I believe that this will allow us to build electronics that are more diverse, understandable and expressive than electronics currently are. Through creating examples, giving workshops and publishing online documentation I hope to disseminate this approach and demonstrate how we can engage with electronics in new ways' (HPW - 2012).
  • The E-Textile Lounge - Lynne Bruning
    The eTextile Lounge - a global hackerspace supporting soft circuits, smart fabrics, eTextiles and wearable computing.
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