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  • Diné Weaving, Eye Dazzlers and more
    Eye Dazzlers are elaborately patterned "blankets" were used primarily as a body wrap rather than as a bed cover and were popular items of clothing worn by the Diné people of the Southwestern United States (Art Conencted, 2012). 
  • Bead weaving
    Bead- Weaving is a craft technique that can be simple using a needle and threas or complex using a loom. It can be used to make jewellery or embellish other fabrics / textiles by the beads into the woven fabric.
  • Culturally Situated Design Tool (CSDT) - Navajo Rug Weaver
    Navajo Rug Weaver - introduces the history, patterns and the tools of weaving is a highly important aspect of Navajo history and culture. The website also discusses math principles by looking at the intricate designs that Navajo weavers use in their rugs and blankets. Finally, using our Navajo Rug Weaver software, you can create your own Navajo-inspired rug designs.
  • Dylan McLaughlin - The Invisible Laboratory
    Eyedazzler was produced by four other Lead Artists / collaborators, each playing a really important role without which the project would not have been realised.
  • Eyedazzler - Joy Farley and Pamela Brown, Master Weavers
    Two master weavers from Newcomb, are part of the Navajo Master weavers (their work can be found at Toadlena trading Post) where two of the four other lead artists that worked on the Eyedazzler project their collaborations and knowledge made the project possible.
  • Hozhographos Studio - Joshua Sarantitis and William Wilson
    Joshua Sarantitis is a nationally recognized public artist with murals in cities including San Francisco, Chicago, Cleveland, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. He was one of the four other Lead Artists / collaborators on Eyedazzler.
  • Instructables: Make a simple Frame Loom
    This Instructables link by ChrysN gives a step-by-step guide to building a Frame loom.
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