Ken Wesson - A brain-considerate approach to learning

Ken Wesson aka ' Sciencemaster' works as a keynote speaker and educational consultant for pre-school through university-level institutions and organizations. He speaks throughout the world on the neuroscience of learning and methods for creating classrooms and learning environments that are "brain-considerate."

Underpinning Ken's research, speeches and workshops over the past three decades has been based on the question, "If it's your job to develop the mind, shouldn't you know how the brain works?"

His site gives links to research on what's current in neuroscience and its importance for learning as well as useful teaching tips on how to bring resources for 'brain-considerate' learning into your classroom.

Ken has also shared some links which you will find informative and useful.

1. Drawing and the Brain: Visualising information is a vital early step in learning to read.

2. Brain-Sight: can touch allow us to 'see' better than sight?

3. Mind, Maps and Models

4. Mind Maps and Models - NSTA article - You will need to register to access this article but its free to do so.

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