Bioscience Division

The fate and security of human health and progress are inextricably tied to humanity’s relationship with plants, animals, and the environment.

At Los Alamos, scientists and engineers are working to

  • unlock many of the mechanisms found in nature to improve humanity’s ability to battle diseases,
  • create new forms of environmentally friendly and abundant energy,
  • bolster human and animal immune systems, and
  • improve agriculture to facilitate the growing of crops for food.

Bioscience also plays a critical role in America’s national security.

Scientific efforts at Los Alamos include

  • finding ways to counter bioterrorism,
  • preventing or overcoming disease epidemics and pandemics, and
  • creating sustainable energy for a secure future.

For these reasons, bioscience plays a critical role in Los Alamos’ ability to address many of the nation’s health and security concerns.

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4valcorwabajak: "well I suppose those things are obviously desirable as pandemics both artificial and naturally are a real possibility and renewable energy efficiency is needing to be improved to compete more effectively with traditional non-renewable power.   "
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