STEMarts@PASEO Youth Program

Welcome to the STEMarts@PASEO Curriculum Tool designed for the annual PASEO Festival in Taos, New Mexico through a STEMarts Lab + Paseo Project Collaboration. Every year has been archived so that teachers can access the free STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) online curriculum tools built around the visiting Paseo artists that integrated STEM into their art-making process. Through this collaboration we bring local, national and international artists into the schools and we bring students to the festival for engaging STEAM experiences such as classroom workshops, online curriculum tools, artist talks or internship opportunities.

This STEMarts curriculum tool is one of many free activities and events being offered to middle and high school students and teachers. Teachers anywhere in the world can use this online tool to integrate into their lessons the exciting new media artists and the science research and STEAM activities related to their work. Click on the Get Started page for an overview on how it works or jump right in to explore the artists and related STEMarts activities. Scroll down to past projects to select artists from past festivals.


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