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  • Build your own microscope: following in Robert Hooke’s footsteps
    Build a DIY microscope and then use the microscope in a similar way to Robert Hooke, recreating an authentic scientific method of discovery. View an object using the microscope and then produce a detailed sketch and a description. Afterwards, the class discusses their results.
  • How to create anaglyph 3D images
    This article explores the science behind stereoscopy and how to create some really cool 3D images that pop out from your screen. Grab yourself some old school 3D specs and follow this guide to learn how to produce your own anaglyph 3D images in Photoshop.
  • how to do photomicrography at home
    This article by Humans Invent shows you how to do photomicrography at home and links to the video See the Unseen that shows a professional at work. Photomicrography at home
  • Making microscopic slides yourself
    Making microscope slides is a great skill to have, as the world is filled with amazing things that are worth examining closely. The first step in making your own slides is to choose the type of mount you want. The "mount" is simply the way in which a specimen is placed on the slide.
  • Turn a webcam into a microscope
    Hack your webcam to make a microscope. Google for more tutorials on making your own microscopes.
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