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The STEAM-Wiki is a place to get started with your artist research. You will find links to articles, images, video, and tutorials that relate to the Projecting Particles project. For this project, we learn about physics concepts through hands-on experiments and art making and then use the Tagtool app to create projection art to communicate what we learned. At the Paseo Festival, you will see a tipi with a live projection painting performance. Some of the animations that you will see projected were created by students from the Taos Pueblo Day School that participated in the Projecting Particles workshop.

You can search by clicking on the links below or you can click on the topic words in the word cloud for specific areas of interest. For example, Particle Physics to learn about the physics behind the work or native science for information about the indigenous science that informed the work. If you are looking for STEM + Art activities type in STEAM Activities.  To view all options, use the keyword ALL.

Remember the resource is an open forum sharing links and ideas that others have found – always check your sources and give credit where credit is due. The open source movement generously shares its knowledge and relies on user feedback – so if there’s something really good or doesn’t work let others know.