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  • Art / Sci Quotes
    This is a list of quotes that link to the Art / Sci debate and although may initially seem irrelevant its useful to consider the long-standing relationship between these two disciplines and their importance of integration and value in education.
  • Art as a Way of Knowing
    Art as a Way of knowing - San Francisco 3/4 March 2011
  • Next Generation Science Standards
    Next Generation is dedicated to developing new K12 science standards for schools in the United States Through a collaborative state-led process with the following partners American National Research Council, The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), and Achieve, a nonprofit education reform organization.
  • Steven Ross Pomeroy -Science and Art go Hand in Hand
    In a post for Scientific American, Aug 2012 Steve R. Pomeroy considers the importance of the arts for imagination and the necessity of their inclusion in the educational system with science to insure innovation.
  • Technology Resources
    The STEMArts competition does not require that your students' images be created electronically, but if you want to engage your students in a project that explores exciting electronic tools we can help get you started.
  • USA's Science education initiative excludes the arts
     'Can the U.S.'s Science Education Initiative Succeed Without the Arts? A Growing Chorus Says No' (Blouin Artinfo Aug 2012)
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