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Espacio La Nube

This award-winning design team from Madrid creates inflatable architecture. In their first appearance in the USA they will bring Space Cloud, an innovative 8,000 sq.ft. pavilion with an integrated LED lighting system to Kit Carson Park. It will be the site of multiple art installations and performances and a pre-festival STEAM Day for 300 Taos County students. The designers will improvise custom lighting effects throughout the festival to respond to the changing events and installations.

espacio la nube

About the artist

Espacio La Nube is a design and architectural team including Hugo Cifre, Álvaro Gomis García and Miguel Ángel Maure Blesa based in Madrid, Spain.

Learn More

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skills applied

  • Presostatic pneumatic structures
  • Inflatable Architecture
  • Engineering Design


Inflatable structures and inflatable buildings are used in many ways including membrane roofs and covers, sails, pavilions, furniture and art sculptures. Inflatable habitats or expandable habitats are pressurized structures capable of supporting life in outer space whose internal volume increases after launch. They have frequently been proposed for use in space applications to provide a greater volume of living space for a given mass.

Espacio La Nube's inflatable pavilion falls within the category of the "Presostatic Pneumatic Structures". It is a monolayer inflatable pavilion that achieves structural equilibrium by filling the totality of the pavilion volume with a constant flow of air through a system of ventilators that never stop working, which allows it to work at much lower pressures than the pressurized structures.  
If you want to play around with designing inflatables and see how they work you can try out some of the STEAM Activities in the STEAM Wiki below. You can make inflatable art sculptures using simple materials like plastic bags and tape.

STEAM wiki

The STEAM-wiki is a place to get started with your artist research. You will find links to articles, images, video, and tutorials that relate to Espacio La Nube's work.

You can search by clicking on the links below or you can click on the topic words in the word cloud for specific areas of interest. For example, INFLATABLE ARCHITECTURE to learn about the engineering principles behind this new kind of inflatable structure or LED Lighting to learn more about creating art with LED lights. If you are looking for STEM + Art activities type in STEAM Activities. To view all options, use the keyword ALL.

Remember the resource is an open forum sharing links and ideas that others have found – always check your sources and give credit where credit is due. The open source movement generously shares its knowledge and relies on user feedback – so if there’s something really good or doesn’t work let others know.


Next Generation Science Standards

Core Idea ETS1: Engineering Design

ETS1.A: Defining and Delimiting an Engineering Problem
ETS1.B: Developing Possible Solutions
ETS1.C: Optimizing the Design Solution

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