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ISEA2012 Collaborations

Corpus Electric Workshop

Intel Sponsored Visiting Artists Workshops

June 4-8 and 18-22, 2012.
Taos Academy
Lead by Nina Silfverberg, Tatyana DePavloff and Stacy K. Romero

Las Vegas
June 11-15 and 25-29, 2012
NMHU campus in the Media Arts Department
Led by Stacy K. Romero

The Corpus Electric Collective was a collaboration between New Mexico Highlands Media Arts faculty, graduate and undergraduate “Advanced Computing” and “Design for the Community” students, and members of the avant-garde fashion team, Taos Runway Vigilantes. The Corpus Electric Collective created components for a technologically inspired performance that incorporated physical computing devices into eight wearable garments/costumes. It was presented by 516 ARTS and sponsored by Intel and Taos Academy. Corpus Electric presented this performance at ISEA2012 on September 23 during the ISEA2012 Intel Education Day of the international conference.

In June 2012 members of the CorpusElectric Collective hosted a free workshop / internship for middle and high school students in Taos and Las Vegas as an outreach component to the project. Students worked alongside professionals while they learned how to create “wearables” and accessories using open source programming with Arduino Lilypads. Students designed and wore their interactive costumes for the performance in Albuquerque.