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Dixon Elementary Collaborations

Mathematics and Installation Art


Installation Art: Exploring geometry and perspective by building scale model installations

Our STEMArts teacher, Installation designer, Dienke Nauta, led an eight week workshop with 10 students from the Connected Math class at Dixon Elementary with the goal of visualizing and experiencing concepts in STEM. This project was designed by Eva Behrens to broaden the appeal of math concepts to visual and kinesthetic learners as well as linguistically and culturally diverse groups. Through a multisensory building project students applied 'out of the box' solutions to math problems, making the concepts meaningful and relevant in their lives.

Eva's project goals were 1) demonstrate through documentation how the STEMArts class helped students increase their knowledge and understanding of core STEM concepts through multi-sensory learning. 2) provide schoolwide web based correlations to NM Math standards to help deepen and expand future presentation of math concepts. 3) Students present their STEMArts projects and share their experiences at the Celebration of Learning community event.

Instructor: Dienke Nauta Site