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Research Gizmology Workshop

Intel Sponsored Visiting Artists Workshops

Date: July 9-13, 2012

Location:  Taos Academy. One field trip day will be spent at The Black Hole, Los Alamos. The field trip will be an all day event and will require each student to bring a sack lunch for midday meal to be held at the municipal park in downtown Los Alamos. It is recommended that Taos Academy provide the transportation.

Kinetic artist, Steve Storz will lead this workshop. This one week intensive workshop will facilitate students, grades middle school through high school, to build electronic and mechanical devices/sculptures of their own invention to be used for research purposes. These sculptures will incorporate STEM+Art concepts, raw materials, and scrap cast-offs.  Materials will be supplied from the artist’s own inventory, The Black Hole (a.k.a. Los Alamos Sales, a surplus retail store that has a collection of surplus materials and gear mostly from the Los Alamos National Labs), and Surplus City (a surplus store in Albuquerque that carries electronic equipment and components).  The workshop will engage students with the processes of wood-working, fastening, simple machining, and simple electronics. Older students who may have more experience with tool handling will be encouraged to work with younger ones as mentors while under the guidance of the artist/teacher. Safety processes and gear will be mandatory at all times during the workshop. The workshop will culminate in the completion of artistic research devices that the students have imagined, designed, and fabricated by hand.  An event during the ISEA conference will display the artistic devices in the fall of 2012 in downtown Albuquerque New Mexico (students will be encouraged to be on hand to talk about their work with the international attendees to the conference).


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