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Taos Academy STEM Institute

Our first STEMArts Pilot program took place at Taos Academy with a  LANL CPO and LANL Small grant. The program ran for two years under the direction of 21st Century Arts Coordinator, Karin Moulton. We brought in local artists for a series of after-school workshops, aligned to the science and STEM standards. We formed a partnership with the University of New Mexico Taos to offer dual credit status to the high school students. Taos Academy evolved the pilot program into their very own STEM Institute which continues to offer STEM + arts programming and innovating creative solutions for integrating these programs into the curriculum. In 2012, Taos Academy has co-sponsored three of the seven ISEA2012 Visiting Artists Workshops which are being hosted on their campus, and continues to innovate STEM + Art solutions at their school.

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