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ISEA2012 Collaborations

Territories Workshop

Intel Sponsored Visiting Artists Workshops

Date: June 25-July 6, 2012
Location: Taos Academy
This workshop will be led by Dienke Nauta, installation artist from the Netherlands based in Taos.

A presentation led by the artist at ISEA2012 Education Day will show and discuss student works. Students will be encouraged to be present for this event.

Create an Interactive Installation in the Wild!

"We are going to make an interactive installation, interacting with the spectator and the specifics of the environment of New Mexico. Wind and other elements and the presence of the human being will influence the status (condition) of the Art piece. There are many things we are going to observe before we start making the actual installation. How can we translate the idea of a territory into an installation? We will observe the environment, how does the piece respond to the spot where it will be shown?  We will approach the installation as a being. That can be human, animal or plant. More specific; we will make an installation that will be a territory. Think about how you will create boundaries, and in what form. Our use of material will depend on the choice of the concept. We will talk about Art as a field. We will be scientists."

Dienke Nauta