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What is a STEMArts Collaboration?

The STEMArts project explores innovative ways to integrate STEM and the arts in schools and communities through collaborative projects. See below the methodology behind our projects.

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The elements of a STEMArts collaboration?

WHO: Collaborations proposed by anyone; student, artist, scientist, entrepreneur, teacher etc. It can start off as a club of like minded students that together develop a collaboration idea, or it could be an artist or entrepreneur with a specific idea for a collaboration that others join.

WHAT: Think beyond the box. We are encouraging collaborations that dissolve the boundaries between subject areas and explore multi-sensory approaches. We encourage creative hybrids!

WHERE: The collaboration could happen anywhere and could include multiple sites. i.e. meet in a classroom to brainstorm, collaboration continues virtually through online exchange and research, a participatory event is organized for a site in the community.

HOW: The STEMArts project is a hands-on collaboration where the creative professional and students work as a team to create object, environment, event, etc. The process must be interactive and participatory, engaging multiple modalities (visual, kinesthetic, interpersonal, etc.)

WHY: We are looking for collaborations that explore the Why not just the How to.  We encourage collaborations that reflect on the purpose of the activity and increase our understanding and connection to the self, our environment, our societies, etc, We are encouraging collaborations with social purpose. For ideas click on the chart below for the 2010 State of the World report card on global challenges facing humanity.