BioSTEAM encourages students to imagine and design their future, now. It is more urgent than ever for our youth to be informed and inspired to respond to the complex challenges of the 21st century such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and the recent rise of pandemic diseases.  We provide diverse and creative tools for teachers to engage youth in sci-art interventions at the intersection of arts-humanities & science, bioethics & human ecology, nature/ecophilosophy & technology. Students learn from interdisciplinary and intercultural experts who share their knowledge to inspire youth to connect to and design with nature, and imagine a better world. Learn more

Space Messengers

Space Messengers is a virtual mixed reality installation and youth workshop connecting middle/high school classrooms in New Mexico, Portugal and Mexico through a shared sci-art installation as part of the BioSTEAM International youth exchange. Sponsored by U.S Embassy of Portugal and Consulate General of Guadalajara.


Pollinator Concentrator

Students explore nature-inspired design through the Pollinator Concentrator, a site-specific, interspecies installation by BioSTEAM artist, Ana MacArthur. The installation at the Rio Fernando Park in Taos New Mexico addresses the concern of pollinator decline to raise awareness to the importance of biodiversity. Created in partnership with Taos Land Trust.


BioSTEAM Challenge

Each BioSTEAM project has a culminating BioSTEAM Design Challenge that explores the art, science and technology behind the topic being explored. The BioSTEAM Design Tool guides the design process. The winning student designs are submitted for inclusion on our virtual gallery and at international exhibits.


Citizen Science

Citizen science, also known as crowd-sourced science, is the collection and analysis of data by the general public to advance scientific research and increase the public's understanding of science.  We select theme-specific citizen science projects. Participate in small actions locally that have a powerful impact globally. See how observing nature can inform and inspire your design process.